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Make a Memorable Impression

Making a big impression is not as expensive as you think. Our team of experts can help you reach new markets, maintain contacts, and more with full-color Postcards! Postcards are an ideal way to attract new business, stay in touch with existing clients, thank and reward loyal customers.
Custom postcard printing continues to be an integral part of direct mail advertising. Research shows that, unlike digital marketing, high-quality postcards offer a tactile advantage that makes recipients more likely to respond to your offers and recall your brand. Your conversion rates are likelier to increase through this cost-effective marketing solution.


Postcards are great for reaching your audience through the mail. Because of their size, material and finish, they stand out, grabbing the attention of your customers. Like flyers, they are very cost-effective. Consider including a promotional code or coupon on your postcard. Coupons encourage customers to try out your service or products and often they end up spending more money. They also motivate existing customers to come back. Our direct mail printing services are cost-effective and allow you to experiment with a wide range of formats, papers and ink options. You can even target specific customers by designing multiple different postcards. We are here to make the printing and mailing process smooth and stress-free.

Direct Mail: Product

Our Direct Mail Printing Services

Save time and money with our quick and easy postcard mailing services.


Save time and money and enjoy discounted postage rates.  You tell us your target area, and we take care of the rest.  We not only help you design your direct mail postcards if needed, but we also print your direct mail postcards, handle the list purchase, furnish the indicia if you do not have one, provide the labels for postcards, take steps to ensure your postcard meets all postal regulations, and make sure your items mail on time to hit your target audience. Our seasoned Customer Service Representatives are available to handle any questions you may have in regard to our Direct Mail Printing Services.  We make difficult things easy with our On Demand Printing and quality customer care!


Sending a direct mail postcard advertisement for your business? Highlight the most important parts of your message with big, bold text or colorful graphics so customers can see and process the information quickly. Include a call to action for a faster response!

  • Get creative with our variety of direct mail postcards – use them to design invitations, greeting cards, and announcements. Include a beautiful picture and headline on the front and provide the details of the event or occasion on the back.

  • Choose our Gloss stock for a beautiful shine; the 14 pt. Uncoated Cover for a textured look, or one of our Matte stocks for a more subdued and vintage look.

  • Direct Mail Printing Services: Be sure to leave High Gloss UV Coating off the back of your postcard if you will be writing on that side or addressing the back for mailers. You have the option of the 14 pt. Uncoated Cover or simply selecting High Gloss UV Coating Front Only on the 14 pt. Gloss Cover.

  • For the 14 pt. Gloss paper stock, a High Gloss UV Coating will be applied to the color sides unless High Gloss UV Coating Front Only is selected. High Gloss UV Coating will not be applied to the back if you select Grayscale Back or Blank Back. High Gloss UV Coating makes the products more durable, so your postcards will last longer. You cannot write or print on products with High Gloss UV Coating.

  • Our High Gloss UV Coating Front Only option may produce variation in color and brightness between the front and back of your product.

  • Please note that due to the fact that we print in large volumes, different paper types may have different quantity options. Simply check with our On Demand Printing experts. 

  • Specialty finishes include Raised Print UV and Raised Print Foil. Finishes are applied to specific graphic elements of a design. The result is a striking contrast between elements that include the Raised UV or Foil and the rest of the design.

  • Raised Prints are only applicable with our 16 pt. Premium Matte Cover stock.


Ideas & Advice for your Direct Mail Postcards and Direct Mail Printing Services

Practical tips about looking professional and unlocking opportunities:

For any small business owner, coming up with new, inventive ways to market your business can be challenging. One tried-and-tested tactic to raise awareness, drum up sales, or increase foot traffic to your business is with direct mail postcard marketing and On Demand Printing.

We will help you discover unique uses for direct mail postcards that you can test to see which drives the most business to your door.

1. Coupon Postcards

Retail stores, restaurants, and service businesses like barbershops often use direct mail postcards to give people a reason to return.

2. Reminder Postcards

Direct Mail Postcards make the perfect reminder card and are easy to stick to the fridge with a magnet. If you own a medical office, remind your patients of their upcoming appointments in style.

3. Grand opening announcement

Everybody loves to try something new, and if you´re opening a new store, you need to get the word out. Go with bold graphics and eye-catching text to attract maximum attention.

4. Clearance Postcards

Sales help you get more people into your store and make room for new stock. Spread the word with a direct mail postcard, where you have enough room to print all the information your consumers need.

5. New customer discount cards

Another way to combine coupons and postcards is to make up some cards promoting a discount for new customers. This is a great way to get people to your store, and hopefully, pick up some repeat business.


6. Soft selling

In today’s world, image is everything. If your product or service is thoughtfully designed, an illustrative image might be all you need to bring in some customers.

7. Freebies

There is no such thing as a free lunch. That is unless you create a free-lunch postcard! Prepare for a massive influx of consumers willing to try your business in return for a free product or service. Customers who have a good experience will almost certainly return.

8. General information

The perfect size for communicating all the key information about your business, postcards can easily be used as mini flyers. Satisfied customers can share your business by passing your postcard on to a friend or family member. With the On Demand Printing capabilities, we can create perfect direct mail postcards with specific labels for your postcards. 

9. Birthday discounts

This is what separates your small business from the big box store out near the highway. A personalized birthday discount card will reinforce customer loyalty and set you apart from the crowd.

10. Referral programs

Customer referral programs are a shortcut to drumming up word of mouth for your company. With luck, you can increase your customer base substantially with very little effort.

11. First-time buyer discount

When opening a new store, sometimes you need to incentivize a customer’s first visit. A new store, coupled with a sweet discount, should do the trick. We help with getting you the right labels for postcards.


12. BOGO (Buy One Get One Free)

This direct mail postcard has a modified two-for-one deal. Depending on your company and industry, work something out with this theme in mind, and your customers will flock in.


Contact us today! Your Direct Mail printing experts. 

  • What should I keep in mind while designing the postcard?
    Postal regulations are your largest concern.
  • Will you send me a proof of my direct mail postcard before printing?
    Yes. We offer a PDF proof feature so you can see how your personalized postcard will look when printed and detect any errors before completing your order.
  • Is there a minimum order quantity for the direct mail postcards to be available for my order?
    The minimum for mailing is 500.
  • Do the printing turnaround times for postcards include shipping or mailing to the indicated address?
    No. The print turnaround time is for print only. You should allow 2 days for processing after print, and transit time to your target audience. First Class takes about 3 days to reach the address. Standard Class takes up to 10 days to reach the address.
  • Can you create a custom design for my direct mail postcards? 
    Yes, our design experts can create a unique design for your direct mail postcards and help you with your direct mail printing services.
  • Can I write on the back of the postcard? 
    Yes, but we recommend choosing uncoated or recycled paper stock for better results.
  • Do you offer also labels for postcards?
    We can also provide On Demand Printing for custom labels for postcards.
  • Are your Direct Mail Printing services suitable for all businesses?
    Yes, any business can see real success with our direct mail printing services. Contact us today, and our direct mail printing experts can discuss your on demand printing project.
  • Can I use my own design? 
    Yes. After you make your initial selection size, orientation, paper weight, paper stock, and quantity – click on the button in the footer to upload your postcard design.
  • Can I reach out if I have more questions?
    Absolutely! We’re your direct mail printing experts! Let us guide you. No question is too silly to ask. We will help you get the biggest bang for your buck and reach the largest audience, all while staying within your budget. Contact us today! Your Direct Mail printing experts.
  • What is the standard size for direct mail printing postcards?
    First-Class mail postcard: min. 5" wide x 3.5" tall, max 6" wide x 4.25" tall. Standard Letter Rate & First-Class letter rate: 4.25" tall min. 5" wide x 3.5" tall, max 11.5" wide x 6.125” tall
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